Barbara Flores Portrait

Barbara Flores is an author, editor, and graphic designer.

She is the acclaimed author of the upcoming middle-grade novel The Miraculous Mind of Dee Dee Alvarez and memoir Separated, Acting Badly. She’s also written three nonfiction books.

In addition to writing, Barbara Flores is known internationally as the designer of the iconic food art poster series for Ten Speed Press. She is a popular editor and writing instructor, teaching in colleges and private classes for over twenty years.

The Miraculous Mind of Dee Dee Alvarez

Winner of the SCBWI Florida Rising Kite Contest recognizing Florida’s best writing for middle grade!
Winner of the 2023 SCBWI San Francisco (NEB) Equity & Inclusion Award for content!

In spite of the owl curse, twelve-year-old Dee Alvarez is determined to keep her innocent brother from prison and when she hides a gun to protect him, it could cost her best friend his life. 

Separated, Acting Badly

“Vivacious, often hilarious, and never less than engaging.”

The Great Book of Pears

“Beautiful and deeply researched little volume.”

The Great Sunflower Book

A charming celebration of the garden's brightest beauties.
A lively compilation of quotes that encourage families in recovery.

Poster Design

Barbara Flores is the graphic designer of an iconic food and garden poster series for Ten Speed Press.

“I was so elated when the essay I wrote in Barbara’s class [and edited by her] was accepted by Good Housekeeping.”

“Barbara has the uncanny ability to pinpoint the qualities in a book that make it succeed at the fundamental storytelling level.”

“Barbara always has a million good ideas, and her classes and editing push me to rethink and revise.”

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