WEEK 1 TYPED ASSIGNMENT (Hand in next week)

This is our character sketch combining elements of both likes and dislikes from the two POV class exercise. Length 1-2 pgs.

DAILY WRITING PROMPTS (ideas to help you write about your character or yourself)

Fast Writing Exercises. I remember. You are giving your reader a shared experience. Give your reader an image. Use the senses.

1. A time he made a big mistake.

2. A time she was ashamed.

3. He failed at something

4. She succeeded at something.

5. The time he/she said the wrong thing. An unusual opinion. A regret atoned for.

6. A regret

WEEK 2 ASSIGNMENT to hand in

Write an inciting incident in a scene with action and dialogue. 2-5pgs.

Alternative: write a scene about a humiliating incident.


Theme: The Antagonistic Force

1. Write a scene where an antagonistic force gains power and the main character must gain power or strength to meet or surpass it. 

2. An example happens when the main character under-estimates the strength of sn antagonistic force. 

3. This force can be another character, internal or external forces, social forces, the environment or weather.

4. Also read "Blessed House" and use the "Story Structure questions" handout to analyze it.


Write the story you are working on. Add suspense using the ideas from our handouts and the exercise we did in class.

Or use the exercise prompt: give your character a lie or a secret.



Rewrite a chapter using the character emotional and event arcs.



Write a two character scene of dialogue or continue on your book project.

For dialogue assignment use two characters and  place, time and conflict. Remember a dialogue scene takes place in a real place in real time. Give each character an agenda or an objective that states what they want from the other character.

Aim for using oblique (not direct on the nose) dialogue and subtext. Remember each scene ends with a winner and a loser . Use the handout from “Open House” for form, spacing and use of quotation marks and punctuation.


Write Climax or a pivotal scene.

FOR DABBLERS: Write about a moment that changed your life. After this moment you were different. Don’t explain why. Just write the moment with detail in scene.

How to Nonfiction:

Write a scene showing a character who has a problem that will be solved by the valuable information in your book. Try making dialogue lists. One for the character coming from his/her objective. Another from the opposing objective of the author as character. Create oblique dialogue.


WRITE YOUR CLIMAX CHAPTER. This is near the end and all scenes build to this point. Generallly your lead character will have to make a choice. but make the choice between 2 goods or 2 evils. Good vs evil is not a choice.

Alternative:  If you are writing fiction, memoir, or stories, rewrite the scene from the antagonist’s POV.

FOR HOW TO: Write your last chapter where you expand upon the goals of your book. How could your ideas be used to enhance the world in the future.


Party class!  (Note: Palm Springs Middle Party Class will be on Dec. 2)

Everyone welcome. Bring something to read or share a talent with the class. It’s a lot of fun and everyone has a turn. If you’re able, bring a snack food or dish to share.